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    Resize frames to fit content?

    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)
      I'm putting together a slide show for the jury to select entries to be exhibited in an exhibition at the local art museum next spring.

      So far it looks as if I can make a template and use Data Merge to create the pages from which the slides will be made (as a PDF), but I'd like to add a keyline around all the images after they've been placed. I can add a stroke to the frame in the template, but I'm using the fit to frame proportionally and centering options in the merge, and of course there tends to be white space on two sides of every image which I don't want to leave.

      I could go back after the merge and do the fitting by hand, but that sort of defeats the purpose of all the automation, and there are about 500 pages.

      So does anyone already have a script to size all image frames in a document to fit the content, or would you be willing to throw one together for me? I'm afraid that in this case I really don't have a budget to pay for it -- nobody is paying me either.