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    How to find un used Object styles in a indesign document?

    (subha_oviya) Level 1

      I need to remove unUsed Objects Styles.

      How do i find out?

      How to remove it?

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          As far as I can tell, you need to get an array of all the styles you are using, then compare it to the available styles and remove those that don't match up. I did something similar for swatches and changed it for object styles, but I am curious if there is a better way now or in the future. The following code compares and removes used and available styles based on the indexes, ignoring default styles in brackets... but hopefully someone has a more efficient way.<br /><br />jerrod<br /><br />//try this<br />var usedStyles = new Array();<br />for(var x=0;x<yourDoc.allPageItems.length;x++){<br />  usedStyles.push(yourDoc.allPageItems[x].appliedObjectStyle.index);<br /><br />}<br /><br />usedStyles.sort(compareNumbers);<br />var currentIndex = yourDoc.objectStyles.length-1;<br />for(x=usedStyles.length-1;x>-1;x--){<br />  while(currentIndex>usedStyles[x]){<br />    try{<br />      if(yourDoc.objectStyles[currentIndex].name.charAt(0)!="["){<br />        yourDoc.objectStyles[currentIndex].remove();<br />      }<br />    }finally{<br />      currentIndex--;<br />    }<br />  }<br />  currentIndex=usedStyles[x]-1;<br />}<br /><br />function compareNumbers(a, b) {<br />  return a - b<br />}