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    Can I do this?

      I am new to indesign.
      I have a specific format for a card. A graphic will be in the upper left corner. It couLd be one of a number of graphics. There will be a couple of different text field printed in a variety of fonts and sizes with different leading and tracking on the card.
      I am very familier with scripting, just not indesign.
      What I need to do:
      based on my data, create a script to either populate a preset template in indesign(if it has this functionality) or build it from scratch each time and then either export it in an image format (jpg or png) or a pdf. This would be running on a windows platform and I would prefer to use javascript.

      Does anyone have a sample script that does something similar?

      Thanks, Troy
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          Have you tried using the XML functionality of InDesign? Not quite scripting on the level you're asking, but sounds like it is your solution..

          Give that a try.

          I believe it will work granted you don't need to apply different leading and tracking based on the content. The XML uses styles so you can set this all up on a template and go.
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            Yes you can script the creation of or the population of a template to import XML. You can also automate the content format to fit to avoid any manual work. I have a custom script that import 3500 individual statements/photos/preferences/maps. It then changes the layout, formats the font sizes/kerning based on the contents and finally exports a colour separated PDF ready for flat sheet 4 colour presses.

            This work would have taken 10 graphic artists 3 days (240 man hours) to do what the script does in 90 minutes, except the script works with 100% accuracy and the manual method requires extensive QA. So scripting is well worth it.

            Unfortunately I cannot give you the script because it wont work in any other scenario but the concept is the same.

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              GagnonEric Level 1
              "This work would have taken 10 graphic artists 3 days (240 man hours) to do what the script does in 90 minutes"