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    Script to change page to section in entire document


      using CS2 (WIN) I have a problem with setting sections which might sound trivial. From time to time I have to set-up a questionnaire containing forms. These forms will be filled in later by the user. In order to give some advice on how to fill in the forms correctly, completion instructions will be provided as well. The problem now is that I have to create the forms first on numbered pages. After they have been reviewed, the instructions are added next to each questionnaire form and these must not have page numbers. Up to now I use two masterpages (one with and one without page numbers) but it is very time-consuming to set a new section for each numbered page manually (several 100 pages), so I was wondering if there is a possibility to let a script do the "splitting into sections" work once the numbered pages have bee set up, before I add the completion instruction pages.

      Thanks for your help in advance.