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    [CS2][AS] PDF Export timeouts...

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      I have a massive applescript that preps Indd files for print or export, everything works great except the export will timeout.

      I have tried using "with timeout" of varying lengths, even up to 3 days.
      with timeout 86400 seconds
      with timeout 72* hours seconds

      Still times out...

      So I thought I would get creative:

      on letswait()
      tell application "Finder"
      set indyfail to display dialog "InDesign thinks it has failed
      Wait and Acrobat will probably open with the proof
      Click continue when it does, click quit if it doesn't" buttons {"Quit", "Continue"} default button 2 giving up after 120
      end tell
      if (button returned of indyfail = "") then
      end if
      if (button returned of indyfail = "Quit") then
      return {quitting:"true"}
      end if
      end letswait

      on ExportPDF(savePath)

      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS2"
      set myDocument to active document
      -- exporting
      tell PDF export preferences
      --page range can be either all pages or a page range string
      set page range to "2-" & (count of pages of myDocument)
      set view PDF to true
      end tell
      end tell
      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS2"
      tell myDocument
      with timeout of 400 seconds
      export format "Adobe PDF" to savePath using "Export Proof"
      end timeout
      end tell
      end tell
      on error
      --delay 60
      end try

      end ExportPDF

      The above is saved on the server and is called from the main script:

      set foo to load script file "Artwork:Libraries:Automation:Proofs:Export.scpt"
      set exported to foo's ExportPDF(savePath)

      Ok, so the idea is that I am expecting InDesign to report a timeout. Finder then pops up a dialog telling the user that they need to just wait. When Acrobat opens with the PDF (because the setting is there to open PDF after) they click continue. The Finder dialog is set to close every 2 minutes and reopen if no button was clicked.

      Now I'm getting a Finder timeout... I can't win :P
      I've had a timeout on the finder part, I've had a timeout of much greater length on the PDF export. Nothing seems to matter, it fails.

      I could probably use better error handling because there are times when the export legitimately fails to export. That is not as common as the timeout which happens with almost every single run of the script.

      I've searched these forums looking for a solution, but no luck. :(
      Any ideas?