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    [CS2/CS3 JS] Merged Cell Problem...


      Below is a part of my script that has been giving me a problem with merged cells:

      if (myTable.cells.item(h).bottomEdgeStrokeWeight > 0.5) {
      myTable.cells.item(h).bottomEdgeStrokeWeight = 2;
      myTable.cells.item(h).bottomEdgeStrokeType = "Thick - Thick";}

      Everytime the script passes on a merged cell, it quits and it only do changes on the first cell of the merged cells. Once I run my script again, it quits with error because the first cell of the merged cells now has a different stroke weight than the rest of the merged cells.

      Is there a way to apply stroke on merged cells? And what is the parameter for UNMERGE? Thanks.