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    [CS3/VB] Minimizing window


      My application uses CreateObject to create an instance of InDesign from MS Access. It then does some complex data manipulation and mail merging. Progress is reported through a status bar in an Access form. Only nobody can see it because the InDesign window stays on top. Keeping the document hidden is easy, but the empty window is still there.

      I tried using .minimize, but for some reason that doesn't work with InDesign. So I tried .hidden=True, .hide,... everything that I could think of. There's nothing in the scripting reference. I've tried using .setfocus from Access, but that's unpredictable as it depends on how long InDesign takes to load. I could put .setfocus in the loop, but then it would tie up the PC. I've even tried using a call to the Windows API, but I couldn't get the declaration to work.

      Does anybody know how to do this?