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    Excel-InDesign - what is state of the art?

    liedzeit Level 2
      With CS3 the integration of Excel and InDesign is quite impressive. But for some custumers not good enough. For example if the user enters a formula into with a superscript number this does not get into the InDesign table after updating the link.
      One idea would be to export the Excel table to XML and parse the XML. But this obviously is a lot of work. I could also copy each cell. This would be very slow (and also a lot of work...)
      Is there an existing solution to this problem? Comercial plug-in?
      And a somewhat different problem: What is the correct approach to changing the English number format (decimal point) to a German number format in Excel/InDesign? I thought the cellformat would take care of this but it does not.

      Thank you,
      Ralf Funke