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    XML image import


      in my XML file there is an image in the following syntax.
      > [IMG href="imagelocation.jpg" /]

      Importing via XML import... is no problem so the image is properly placed (at least almost).
      Now I want to finetune the image i.e. setting the fitting options via a script.

      However, I traverse the XML tree to get to my IMG-tag, and finally I have a XMLElement-object of this tag (I use XML rules to get this object).

      Now I want to have access to the Image-object, and that's a hard job as it turned out.

      >IMG_xmlElement.allPageItems.length; // returns 0

      >IMG_xmlElement.characters.length; // returns 0

      >IMG_xmlElement.insertionPoints.length; // returns 0

      verw weird
      >IMG_xmlElement.images.length; // returns 1

      but that is some kind of a bug, because

      as well as

      as well as any other property I want to access throws an exception: illegal object

      Anyway, is there a way to get the Image-object out of a XMLElement-object with such a XML structure ([IMG href="..." /])?

      I would be grateful for any help.

      edit: in urls the brackets are replaced because forum software eats lower-then and greater-then brackets