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    The last InsertionPoint of a TextFrame

    Martin Fischer Level 2

      with surprise I have discovered, that the last InsertionPoint of a textframe sometimes will be the first InsertionPoint of another textFrame. Or the 'parentTextFrame' of the last InsertionPoint is different to the 'parent textframe' of it (the textframe which has addressed the insertionPoint to be it's last).

      You can reconstruct this, making two textframes and chaining them.
      Be sure that text flows from one textframe into the other.

      Select the first textframe and call this line:


      The selection will change.

      Or try this:

      if (app.selection[0].insertionPoints[-1] == app.selection[0].nextTextFrame.insertionPoints[0] )
      alert ( 'We are the same!' );

      Maybe you know about this longly. ;-)