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    Batch Flow

      I am trying to find a script that can batch flow MS Word documents into an InDesign CS3 template on Windows. What I would like the script to do is open the template, autoflow one MS Word document into the template, save the template with a new file name (same name as the MS Word file but with the indd extension), and then close the document. I would like it to be able to do this for every MS Word document in a directory.

      Does anyone know if a script like this is available?
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          by "template" - you mean INDD document with prepared TextFrame for text or MS Word document should be autoflowed inside margins ?


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            I mean an INDD document that has already been set up as a template. The script should select the left column text frame and begin flowing there. The right hand column is already set up a well. The script should use autoflow, so that InDesign automatically adds pages as needed based on the master page.