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    [CS3 / VBS] jpeg export - light horzontal line in final image...


      I am having an issue when exporting jpegs.

      When I output at the same dpi as an image placed on my document, I am getting between 1 and 5 horizontal light-colored lines showing up on the created jpeg. If I increase or decrease the output resolution by around 10 dpi, the line goes away.

      For example, my document has a 300 dpi image on it, I export at 300 dpi, I get a light colored line horizontal through just the image on the page, not anything to the left or right of the image area. If I output a 310 dpi jpeg, everything looks fine.

      This behavior happens whether called in code or exported by hand through the InDesign interface. I have also tried exporting to pdf, and it is find - no light-colored line. Last bit of information: The images I am using are both 24 bit color tiffs and grayscale tiffs. I have not tried it yet with other file formats.

      Anybody else run into this - and if so, what can I do about it?