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    (CS3-JS) Tables - HeaderRows

    Maribel HM
      First, sorry for my english.
      I want to apply a diferent paragraph style to the first row (of the body of the table. The first row has hightest before space). I have one header row, than break once per page, and I don't know how can I determine when I need to apply.
      Thanks in advance,
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          Hi Maribel,

          You can refer to the text frame that contains a cell like this:

          theFrame = theCell.paragraphs[0].parentTextFrames[0];

          Now you loop through the cells of a column and check if the current text frame is the same as the previous one.
          If the text frame is different than you have arrived on a new page and the current cell is in the first row of the page.

          Does this solve your problem?

          Grtn, Kees
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            Maribel HM Level 1
            Thank you very much, but i'm afraid not.
            This is a good idea but only works the first time I execute. If later I add text before the table, the first cell in the page changes, and I cannot be sure that user executes again the script.
            Finally, I'd added space before highest in the first row after headerow, and I hope this will be valid.