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    [CS3] [JS/AS] How to make a script to be run at a certain interval?

    Kasyan Servetsky Level 5
      Dear all,

      I wrote a script, which checks the active document for modified links and if such a link is found, it warns a user and offers to update it.
      Now I want this script to run in the background that is to be triggered automatically, lets say, every minute, without user interaction. (An analog of Timer object in VB)
      Im sure this can be done with Active Page Item Developer Toolkit. I cant check it now my demo period is over so I want somebody to confirm or disprove my assumption.

      If so, should I use idle event? I couldnt find much information in the manual about it:

      idle Sent when the application is idle, about once per second. This allows
      you to implement background processing tasks.

      Is it possible to change the interval from 1 sec to 1 minute directly or should I use the trick described in Locking InDesign during idle processing example?

      Is there some alternative solution in AS?

      Thanks in advance.