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    convert image file names to labels and resizing images according to frame. Possible??

      Hi all,
      I have posted this question hastily in the main mac forum but then i realized it is a scripting question so I repost here.
      Q1: I have a client with 700+ images who has named the images with numbers and the caption:
      eg: 1.II.34. Walking down the road towards the building.tiff
      This is the name of the image file itself

      Is there a way to import the name of the file (possibly without the extension) and place it as a caption under the image without copying and pasting? A script maybe?

      I tried the labelgraphics script. Unfortunately it returned the extension as well. I was given a solution but did not work for me since it deleted everything after the first dot on the name. This was:
      in labelgraphics on line 105, change

      myLabel = myLink.name


      myLabel = myLink.name.split('.')[0]

      So how can we tackle this so it deletes everything after the LAST dot?

      Q2: The image files I am given are all huge tiff files. I use the full 100% of the images but in my document they have to be much smaller . They are usually scaled down to 25-35% of the original file. So I end up with huge, unneeded documents.
      Is there a script that would work together with photoshop maybe?
      It would need to read the frames dimensions the image is in, open the linked file inside photoshop, resize it with a specified interpolation to maybe 110% of the frame's dimensions, set the resolution (if not set) to 300 dpi save the image as a copy (or with a suffix or prefix), leave photoshop open (for the next image to be processed), relink to the new image and go to the next image
      I know it sounds a lot but I was amazed by the issues people handle in this forum and thought I would give it a try

      Thank you in advance