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    No New Parent Element context menu when script map tags to styles

      In CS3:
      When creating tags and mapping to styles via script, for example:

      var tGlossTerm = myDocument.xmlTags.add("GlossTerm");

      myDocument.xmlExportMaps.add(myDocument.paragraphStyles.item("glossary words"), mydocument.xmlTags.item("GlossTerm"));


      ...the XML elements appear in the structure pane as if I had tagged the objects manually. When I right click on an element, the context menu shows "New Parent Element..." as an available option. However, it does not show the submenu for "New Parent Element..." that lists all the available tags in the doc. This submenu seems to only be available after I manually create a new tag and apply the tag to an object.

      Is there a way to force the "New Parent Element..." context menu in the structure pane to display a submenu of available tags?

      Thanks for your help!