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    InDesign Object reference

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      Hi to all.

      I'm using C#(Visual studio 2005) to automate indesign application, but i cant find object documentation to InDesign library, javascript reference is similar to it but there is too many distinctions. Where i can find such reference?
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          Hi dark_gf,

          For C#, you'll want to use the COM library--same as for VBScript and all of the flavors of Visual Basic. You should be able to view the object model in C#.

          I have to state, thought, that C# is not a good choice for InDesign automation. VBScript or JavaScript are better choices--InDesign scripting is loosly typed by design, and the farther you go from the supported languages, the more trouble you'll have.


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            Thx Olav Kvern

            Object model viewer in visual studio is too simple(only functions and members) and he does not describe what parameters needed that function, for example:

            InDesign.TextFrame Add(object Layer, InDesign.idLocationOptions At, object Reference)

            "object Layer" why they associated layers which objects(mb better if it would be "Layer layer")?

            "object Reference" how get to know which object i need to use?
            and there most functions like this

            Yeah i know that javascript is better to automate indesign, but there is several problems for me:
            1. I need closed source code.
            2. There is no complete javascipt reference.
            3. IDE like "Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit 2" is simple, hard to code and debug.
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              Hi dark_gf,

              The references are all the same. What you're not seeing is that all of the parameters are optional (C# doesn't allow optional parameters). Why not look at the Scripting Guide--there are many examples of creating a text frame.

              re: "1. I need closed source code."

              By this I assume you mean compiled code--you can compile JavaScript (refer to the JavaScript Tools Guide) as binary (.jsxbin).

              re: "2. There is no complete javascipt reference."

              Yes, there is. It's in the object model viewer in the ESTK. You can also use jongware's HTML version (search the forum for this).


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                Thx u helped a lot i have solved most problems but i have one more in CS4:

                TextFrame tf - some text frame.

                tf.AppliedObjectStyle.ObjectEffectsEnablingSettings.EnableDropShadow = true; - does not enable drop shadow(but this was working in CS3).