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    [CS3,JS] [ANN] Major new version of JS Help as HTML

    [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant
      I found compelling reasons to re-design my Help-to-HTML pages, and, while you are downloading the ZIP, why not read this:

      * It's Bigger! Or, rather,
      i smaller
      -- by putting display stuff into CSS (which you can edit locally if you don't like the view). The ZIP file is just 1,9MB, but contains more than 760 pages of Useful Stuff (and one page that isn't as useful).

      * It's Better! See the oh-so-important Hierarchy list, that attempts to show parent-child relations on the main classes. Be amazed as you discover formerly-unthought-of relationships between the objects.

      * It's Faster! Now with even
      i more
      links than before, including all class functions at the top for immediate browsing. Many items that listed 'any' as returnable objects are now expanded into hyperlinked lists.

      * It's More Colourful! The spurious use of the colour purple is guaranteed to make even Prince consider a come-back!

      * It's Free! Free of charge, free of advertising. Free for all to read and use (but
      i not
      i abuse
      -- I reserve the right to mock any impersonators and plain copiers).

      * It has a Dedicated Windows version! Fellow script aficini.. enthousiast ABC GREEN converted this new version to a handy (and even smaller) Windows CHM version, which is even better searchable using Window HTML Help!

      What more can you ask? A plain text version, to enjoy in the privacy of your own plain text editor? An Adobe Text-Tagged version, to import into your desired lay-out, and to print it out and bind as a real book? Well, that's both possible, and I have done some ground work already on these. All suggestions are welcome.

      [Post-edit: I have created similar versions for Br,Ai,Ps,Js itself and ScriptUI. Perhaps I can make a Suite out of 'em. They aren't as spiff and complete as the Id version, though.]
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          Kasyan Servetsky Level 5
          Hi jongware,

          You made an excellent reference! I will surely use it. Are you going to make a version for CS4? Let us know when you make such files for other applications; Id like to have them too.
          Thank you.

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            [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant
            I already did versions for the other programs of the CS3 suite -- but that documentation is nowhere near as complete as that of ID, so it doesn't look as impressive. But yeah well, I mite as well put it onto my website. I'll package it, probably somewhere this weekend. Don't expect too much of it.

            As for the CS4 reference ... I'd love to get my sweaty hands onto a CS4 (awaiting the boss to make up his mind about an upgrade), or just the xml file with the necessary info. Anyone got a spare copy of omv$indesign-6.0-en_us.xml he's not using at the moment? ;-)