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    [JS CS3 mac OSX] Need Help


      My name is Amit. I wrote a script to produce a Digital newsbook.
      Now, i am trying to run my script on two different computer(Mac OS X) but problem is when i am trying to run my script on frist computer it works fine but when i am trying to run same script on other computer i am getting error. As,

      Error Number: 65543
      Error String: add
      Line: 240
      Source: var mybook = app.books.add(myPath + Save +".indb");

      The script which i am running on different machine are same. But still i am getting above error.

      Only difference between those two computer is in first computer i have a admin access but in second computer i do not have. To save a book using javascript do i need admin access.

      Anyone knows why i am getting this error. Please try to give me solution to solve this problem.

      Thank you,