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    Master page items...

    Emanuele Radaelli
      Is it possible to detach a Master page item via script?
      I found Page.masterPageItems but I can't find a method to work with those items.
      Basically: I have a master page applied to all my pages in the document. That master has a textframe with a label. I need to find that textFrame using his label label and fill it with some text content but I need to detach it.

      Thanks anticipately


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          Kasyan Servetsky Level 5
          var myDoc = app.activeDocument;
          var myRightPage_of_1stMasterSpread = myDoc.masterSpreads[0].pages[1];
          var my1stDocPage = myDoc.pages[0];
          var myTextFrame = myRightPage_of_1stMasterSpread.textFrames.item("MyFrame");
          var myOverridenTextFrame = myTextFrame.override( my1stDocPage );