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    Report of image link names, types, sizes and page

    Ildhund Level 3
      Sorry if this is an FAQ, but I couldn't trace precisely what I'm
      looking for, and I'm sure I'm not the only one needing it...
      I'm trying to create a catalogue of images (primarily bitmaps) in a
      document with their placement (only page no.) and physical size.
      This is because I get complaints from my board that there aren't
      enough pictures in my little newspaper, and without some statistics,
      I can't produce any counter argument. So, I need a script that will
      examine a document, find all the images (they're almost all TIFFs)
      and then produce, say, a csv file with doc file name, image file
      (link) name, page no., frame width and frame height. The rest I can
      sort out in a spreadsheet.
      If it were easier, the report could cover all image, graphic and PDF
      links, in which case the csv should have an extra file type field. I
      don't think there are any inline graphics, but the script should
      probably include them anyway unless that makes it more difficult.
      My scripting skills don't extend this far yet... Does anyone have a
      script that could do this, or easily be adapted to do it? I'm using
      IDCS3 on XPSP3.