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    Script for batch save as template

      I'm looking for an InDesign script to batch "save as" file type .indt. I prepare templates and often have 20 files open, saving each as a template is tedious, and if I discover I missed some small detail in the templates which applies to all files, I'll adjust then have to go through the save as 20 times all over again.

      I'm on a Mac.

      Many thanks in advance.
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          You don't have to do a "Save As" to save a template! Or rather, only the first time, and only if you opened it as a regular doc. If you want to open an existing template for editing, select the "Open Original" radio button in the File Open dialog.

          There is a 'Save All' command in ID, but I have just seen that in the keyboard shortcut list -- it's not in the File menu. For Windows, its default key push is Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S, so its most likely Mac counterpart is Apple+Option+Shift+S. You can check with Keyboard Shortcuts -> Show Set (which will open Text Editor or equivalent), then search for "Save All".

          (Additionally useful is "Close All", and you get bonus points if you can
          i guess
          which keys to use!)

          And, yeah well, it's easy scriptable, but I guess you're okay now.
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            That all sounds great except that I'm storing these templates on a server for a bunch of designers to use. The problem is, if they're .indd files, the designers aren't disciplined enough to open them properly and not overwrite them. Make sense? I really need the .indt files.

            Thanks again.
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              wind-up bird

              This is an old discussion but I still have the same question. Here's my problem:


              My team is working with many templates I have to update from time to time (new paragraph styles, new table styles, etc.). For this I keep the .indd files in a book file, so I can synchronize them easily, but I like to save all of them as .indt files, because I think it's better to provide template files for the team. Though we work in PDM system and we are able to get previous versions of files, it's easier if the main files are only handled by me and temaplate files are available for other members of the team. I have lots of templates, so every time something is changed, I have to save them as .indt again one by one (as you cannot collect .indt files in InDesign book files).


              Is there some sort of solution any of you recommend for this situation?


              Any help is appreciated.



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                Peter, thank you very much! It's something that saves me hours I guess. Oh god, you made my day.