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    Making global changes to section info--script?

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      I've posted in this in the Mac ID forum with no response--hoping someone in the scripting forum can help.

      I have a series of documents that I had set up with multiple sections in order to create a running footer using the section marker. I had originally set them up with a restarting number and changed the number style for each section, but now, I want them to all be auto number, with no prefix, and use the default number for the style with no prefix, but I want to keep the section markers. Right now, I'm having to click on each one and change them, but this is very time consuming. Does anyone know how I can globally change these values for all the sections without losing the markers?

      Unfortunately, I can't use the text variable running header for this because the text I need doesn't appear on the page anywhere. My footer will be the only place the text exists. Thanks!

      I'm still using CS3.