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    Why not create a Indesign Javascripts web library ?

    Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional
      Hi all,
      I see a lot of scripts passing by in this forum. I thought it would be very helpful to gather them in a library. It could look like a web site like this one for applescript
      We could have a "menu" frame on the left side with common principles (open, create, loop, for, whatever...)
      We could have too a Index on a page with script names associated with general terms like
      (Don't look at them, they are fake names)
      Maybe it already exists and I would be pleased to hear it (and know how to reach it :-)). But if not, this kind of library would be a very interesting resource.
      The idea is to have a look on existing scripts and aggregate bricks for new one. With time, the library is growing more & more.
      Maybe another Utopia, but I drop the idea.
      BTW, I don't know how to create a site but I guess it could be a very simple one.

      What do you think ?