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    Placing Images into Template Automation with Applescript

      I currently have a document named "TabloidTemplate.indt" that has left and right image place holders with the left image holder having script label of "Page80" and the right image place holder having a script label of "Page1". This spread is page 1 of the .indt document. I want to place images from my folder named "source images folder" into their respectful place holders.

      Can someone help me with an Applescript that would place PDF1 of the "source images folder" into "Page1" and PDF80 into "Page80"? Page 2 of the .indt document would be a left place holder of "Page2" and right of "Page79", etc... on down the line until the 80 pages have been completed.

      Basically I am trying to automate impositioning 40 InDesign pages of printer pairs by targeting images from the "source images folder" to go into the proper locations without having to manually impose these 80 pages.

      I am novice in this area and any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!