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    New in Smart connection..

    subhaoviya Level 1

      How to create an article for a document using smart connection through scripting???

      Thanks in Advance
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          A number of questions that spring to mind in response to your request:

          1. Which version of InDesign?

          2. Which scripting language?

          3. What is "an article" (in detail)?

          4. Is the document in question an existing one or one that needs to be created?

          5. What is "smart connection"?

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            subhaoviya Level 1
            Thanks for the reply

            Version: InDesign CS3

            Language: Javascript

            Smart Connection Enterprise V5.0: This is a kind of plugin we are use to save the InDesign document in the smart connection. This will act as a server.

            Article: In smart connection plugin there is an option "Create Article from Document..." Once this option is used, the document will be saved in the server in both InDesign and InCopy format. In Indesign for every text box an article will be created.

            We have a syntax for this...

            var mydoc = app.documents.item(0);
            var mrc = mydoc.managedArticles;

            we got this syntax from smart connection scripting guide.

            But it doesn't work for us.

            It gives the error like
            "The name is Invalid or missing"

            Please give any suggestion