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    CS3 UserInteractionLevel not working

      After almost a full day of searching on this and not finding anything, I'm really hoping that someone here can answer this.

      I keep getting the following error:
      Object doesn't support the property or method: 'myInDesign.UserInterfaceLevel'

      Here is the line in the script:
      myInDesign.UserInteractionLevel = UserInteractionLevel.idUserInteractionLevels.idNeverInteract

      I've tried every little change that I could think of to get this running. At first I thought it was the enumeration that was causing the error, but quickly saw it was the UserInteractionLevel property on the application object.

      I'm just trying to ignore any modal windows that might appear when opening an ID file. I've gotten this to work in JavaScript, but not in VBScript. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong??

      Thanks in advance!
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          Hi mclark7453,

          In CS3, the user interaction level property moved to the script preferences object.

          myInDesign.ScriptPreferences.UserInteractionLevel = UserInteractionLevel.idUserInteractionLevels.idNeverInteract


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            Ole, thanks for the quick reply. You know, I believe that I had that at some point, but the problem was that that statement gives me the following error:

            Object required: 'UserInteractionLevels'

            This whole thing has been a crazy mix of little errors and changes. Hard to track everything. Good news is that using the decimal value for idNeverInteract seems to get it working just fine. Any idea as to why the enumeration isn't working? Not too important as I'm running fine with the decimal value.

            Thanks again!
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              Hi mclark7453,

              Are you running the script from inside InDesign (i.e., from the Scripts panel)? If so, then you shouldn't need the decimal value. If not, VBScript doesn't know anything about the enumeration, and you'll need to use the decimal form. If you're using a full version of VB or VBA, you'll need to add a reference to the Resources for Visual Basic.tlb file to the project before you can use the enumeration (if you are working with a project that has a reference to an older version of InDesign, you'll need to add a reference to the new version).


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                I am running from the scripts panel, so I'm not sure why it's not working correctly. I've tried it outside the system as well. I do have some latent CS2 folders and files on my computer, so there could be some sort of problem with that. I also have the full version of VB, so maybe I can work out the references inside of that.

                Like I said, though, everything seems to work fine with the decimal value. Thanks again for all the help!
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                  Can anyone tell me how to disable the alert and dialog box for indesign CS3 in vb script?

                  I have try to add the following code to my vb script:
                  myIndesing.ScriptPreferences.UserInteractionLevel=1699640946(Indesign still display missing Link alert box)

                  myIndesing.ScriptPreferences.UserInteractionLevel=idUserInteractionLevels.idNeverInteract( Indesign shows need object idUserInteractionLevels)

                  myIndesing.ScriptPreferences.UserInteractionLevel=idNeverInteract(Indesign shows values should be idUserInteractionLevels enumerator)

                  Vb script is running outside Indesign. Script will be automatically stop running when open a missing link document.

                  Pls. Help. Thank you!

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                    Try spelling indesign the right way. Not like "indesing"
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                      A Ben Moussa

                      (kelvinlau1217) I have the same problem , does anybody have a solution for this!!


                      Kind Regards,