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    Trying to batch print to postscript and getting AppleScript Error!

      Here is the script as copied from Script Editor:

      -- make a variable for the print settings to use:
      set thPrintSettings to "Publishers PDF standard"
      global thPrintSettings

      -- initially, we'll allow for picking destinations at script start
      set targetFolder to choose folder with prompt "Location for PDF files..."
      global targetFolder

      set varBasename to "CTB"

      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS3"
      -- Environment test: We want 1 book, no documents open:
      get document 1
      display dialog "Please run this script without any documents open (except one Book)" buttons "OK" default button 1
      on error
      -- we must be good to go, no documents open
      end try
      set thBook to book 1
      on error
      display dialog "Please open an InDesign Book to use this script" buttons "OK" default button 1
      end try
      if modified of thBook then
      display dialog "This Book has been modified. Do you want to continue running the script?" buttons {"Cancel", "Yes"} default button 1
      end if
      tell thBook
      set countOfThBook to (count of book contents)
      set thContentsList to (full name of book contents) as list
      end tell
      -- return {countOfThBook, thContentsList}

      set user interaction level of script preferences to never interact -- avoid any dialogs (for printing or saving)
      set n to 0
      repeat with j from 1 to countOfThBook -- loop through book's documents
      set thDoc to item j of thContentsList
      open thDoc
      tell active document
      repeat with c from 1 to (count of every ink)
      tell ink c
      set convert to process to true
      end tell
      end repeat
      set myName to varBasename
      repeat with i from 1 to count of pages -- loop through book's pages
      set y to name of page i
      set n to n + 1
      tell print preferences
      set page range to y --page range sets which page(s) to print
      set active printer preset to thPrintSettings
      set print file to alias ("" & targetFolder & myName & "_" & n & ".ps")
      end tell
      print --without print dialog
      end repeat
      close saving no
      end tell
      end repeat
      end tell

      Every time I try to run it I get the following error:

      AppleScript Error
      Adobe InDesign CS3 got an error: Invalid parameter.