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    Export JPEG using JPEGPreferences

    (sudar1983) Level 1

      Indesign CS3, VB6

      Now i want to export Indesign Group as JPEG.

      dim oIndsn as indesign.application

      oIndsn.JPEGExportPreferences.ExportingSpread = False
      oIndsn.JPEGExportPreferences.Resolution = 300
      oIndsn.JPEGExportPreferences.JPEGQuality = idJPEGOptionsQuality.idHigh

      here i have a group that group have two frames.

      Group.Export idExportFormat.idJPG, sTargetFol & "test.jpg", False

      In above what i have given options are fixed in indesign application. while exporting it will automatically changed to 72 dpi and Medium quality.

      Any help? pls!!!!