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    i need help..

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      Hi Everyone, Currently i am working in javascript for InDesignCS2.i need one help that is
      i. first copy from one selection object and paste to new document.
      ii. TopLeft alignment is 0.125in(both x and y)

      any one help me urgent..

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          Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional
          You would be luckyier if you add more obvious topics titles.
          You should have written :

          [X Y] Pb
          Meaning X is the code you want to use, Y the version of your software and pb the probleme you encounter as clearly as you can.
          So you could have

          b [JS CS2] How to Copy/Paste a object onto a new document based on object's size ?

          It will avoid you to post several times hoping for someone taking the pain to read what's going on.
          Don't expect people to do efforts if you don't do by yourself.
          And be SURE that if you have a clear topic title, someone who is skilled on the matter will help you.
          Without anger, Loic