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    Add User Name to Indesign CS3

      We are printing lots of indesign CS3 documents to a number of laser printers. I have taken the Date and time option and changed PM and AM to the initials of the user of that computer. Makes it easier for someone to grab files from printer and return them to user. Problem is .... Does not work 100% of the time.... Is it possible to have an applescript to put users name somewhere on page outside the cropping area???
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          Kasyan Servetsky Level 5
          Hi Dave,

          This simple script creates a text frame below the first page outside the cropping area and inserts the user name (File > User...) into it.
          I assume that ruler units are set to millimeters, page size to Letter, bleed - 5 mm.

          tell application "Adobe InDesign CS3"
          set myName to user name
          set myDoc to active document
          tell page 1 of myDoc
            set myTextframe to make new text frame with properties {contents:myName, geometric bounds:[290, 0, 300, 50]}
          end tell
          end tell

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            Thanks Kasyan, This is not exactly what im looking for ..... Adding a bleed would have to be taken off when file is OK'd as we would then PDF for final placement, and we would not want the user id showing up.

            I was hoping to have User name added only when "All printer's Marks" was checked?