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    [CS3 JS]Footnote behaviour


      There's some strange things going on with my footnotes!

      I create them by first making an array of footnotes to be placed in the paragraph, containing the InsertionPoints index and the contents of the footnote (e.g [123, this is my footnote text]) and run that thru this :

      if (myFootnotes.length > 0){
      for (fn=myFootnotes.length; fn>0;fn--){
      var myIP = myFootnotes[fn-1][0];
      var myFootnote = VG.myFrame.parentStory.insertionPoints[myIP].footnotes.add(); //{at:["end "]}
      VG.myFrame.parentStory.insertionPoints[myIP+1].contents = " ";
      myFootnote.contents = myFootnotes[fn-1][1];

      and that seems to work OK, except that there's no number in the actual footnote (so it's just "this is my footnote text" in stead of "1 this is my footnote text". BTW, my prefs are set like so:

      footnoteOptions.footnoteNumberingStyle = 1298231906//FootnoteNumberingStyle.ARABIC;
      footnoteOptions.startAt = 1;
      footnoteOptions.restartNumbering = FootnoteRestarting.dontRestart;
      footnoteOptions.eosPlacement = false;
      footnoteOptions.ruleOn =true;
      footnoteOptions.ruleLineWeight =0.5;
      footnoteOptions.ruleColor ="Black";
      footnoteOptions.ruleTint = 50;
      footnoteOptions.ruleWidth = 25;
      footnoteOptions.noSplitting = false;
      footnoteOptions.separatorText = "\t";
      footnoteOptions.markerPositioning = FootnoteMarkerPositioning.superscriptMarker;
      footnoteOptions.footnoteTextStyle = (VG.myDoc.paragraphStyles.item("Voetnoot"));

      So that's strange.

      Next, it so happens that on the same page a rectangle gets placed on top of the footnote. The rectangle has textwrap, all the text gets out of the way, except for the footnotes. This actually happens when you place them manually as well! I suspect it's one of the prefs, but i haven't figured out which one...