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    [JS] [ID3] How to get a page item's markup tag?

      My Dear people!

      I have a problem that's really starting to mess me up.
      I'm working on some XML Rules with placing certain library items based on their library name. This seems to work fine.
      However, I do not know how to get the markup tag applied to the page items.
      Feels like I've missed some major concept here.

      some code:


      myAsset = app.libraries[0].assets.itemByName("product");

      var activeDocument = app.documents.add(false);


      myText = app.selection[0];

      var myPageItems=myAsset.placeAsset(myDoc);

      for(var myItemCounter = 0; myItemCounter <

      myPageItems.length; myItemCounter ++){

      var someItem = myPageItems[myItemCounter];

      // This is where I'd like to get the applied XML markup of this particular Page Item.



      Best Regards Thomas