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    unknown font name appearing in some styles

      After importing xml and applying fonts with XML rules, there are some places in my document - typically, lines with nothing but an insertion point from a \r above - that have [No Paragraph Style] or an existing style applied, however, the Font and Font Style are [Times] and [Roman] respectively. I don't know where these come from, and do not know how to get rid of them.

      So, when I save and reopen the document, I get a missing font dialog.

      At first I thought it was only with [No Paragraph Style] instances, so I could solve by replacing those. However, it seems to be wherever an carriage return is added in the text at the end of existing styles. So, replacing all of a specific style with an existing will not work.

      I need to find and replace all instance of the Font - and yet, I see from other posts that in InDesign CS 3 5.0 I cannot find missing fonts with a script.

      Does anyone know of a solution?

      Thanks for your help.