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    line (or paragraph) endHorizontalOffset bug??

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      Here's an interesting one: It seems that CS3 has a bug in endHorizontalOffset. I have 2 paragraphs/lines (single line paragraphs) in a small frame, one has a font size of 9.5, the second para's font size is 8.5.

      I am left justifying both para's and then centering the shorter one on the longer using leftIndent.

      It works fine when the lines are not close in length. When they are close, IDCS3 seems to be providing the incorrect values of the endHorizontalOffset.

      It seems to be corrected in CS4. But can anyone think of an effective workaround for CS3??


      Measurement output from CS4

      f.paragraphs[ 0 ].endHorizontalOffset
      Result: 2.59210814370049
      f.paragraphs[ 1 ].endHorizontalOffset
      Result: 2.59809954961141

      Measurement output from CS3

      f.paragraphs[ 0 ].endHorizontalOffset
      Result: 2.60508728027344
      f.paragraphs[ 1 ].endHorizontalOffset
      Result: 2.60159341494242

      CS4 has line 1 (the second line) at about 0.006 inch longer the first line (line 0). This is correct visually.

      CS3 has the first line being longer than the second by .004 inch, which is visually incorrect.

      CS3 and CS4 do not even agree on the end offset in any case.