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    CS3 JavaScript error on startup


      I've been playing around with startup scripts, and everything was nice until I've tried to make indesign alert a variable and some string. After that I get the following JavaScript error messages on startup:

      Error number: 45
      Error String: Object is invalid
      Line: 386

      And another, just like the previous one with line number 344.

      I thought it would help to delete the startup script, but it didn't. Now I have no startup script folders either and still I get these messages.

      I've put my startup scripts in C:/users/[username]/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/InDesign/version 5.0/Scripts/Startup Scripts/
      Within it a link to folder that easy easier to browse.
      (so we have Vista here)

      Despite these messages ID works correctly; if I create a startup script that also runs after these messages.

      Has anyone had this problem before? If no, can anyone give me a hint where to start searching for the reason?

      Thanks for your time!