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    Import XML into IDCS2

      Hi all, I help produce Directory books. The contact information for the content of the directories is in a database. We've set up the database to export a very clean XML file. I have also set up IDCS2 (on windows XP platform) to map these XML tags to styles. In our test files, it worked very nicely and all the formatting of the XML information was completely automatic.

      Here's the problem: Our test files were rather small - one or two entries just to make sure all the tags worked. When we export all of the necessary information from our database, the XML file is roughly 3,000 lines long. IDCS2 can't seem to import more than 145 lines at one time. I get an error box that pops up and says "Expected End of Tag 'data'" (we are using 'data' instead of 'root' to encompass all the info, but the same error pops up either way).

      The only way around this I have found is to break the XML file down into much smaller portions, which would be more hassle than it's worth. Does someone have a better solution or know why this is happening?

      Much thanks.