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      Inmath is software where a normal text can be changed to mathematical expression and also we adjust the spacing to the variable and symbol or variable and the division an so.. all the option is are given in that software..

      but i need a develop the same using javascript from scratch like taking a i/p as indesign file with contains a eqution in normal text format like a+b/2 this should to converted to mathematical expression and also a rule file which is a xml file it contains how much spacing,size,width of the division symbol ...
      so when a run the script final o/p should be a mathematical equation format...

      plz guide me
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          >plz guide me

          1. The dayz l33t sp33k rulez are long ago, and nowadays it is only used by people who want to appear 'hip' and 'kool' -- with transverse results.

          2. ... your question appears to be, "How can I write an extremely complex program in Javascript". Practice, practice, practice.
          Compare it to "Photoshop is software where you can work with images. InDesign can read images. Ergo, it should be possible to write Photoshop in Javascript for InDesign. Please give me the code."