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    DoScript doesn't

      I am trying to run the FindChangeByList JavaScript in CS4. My FindChangeList.txt is in the same folder as the script. When I try to run the script, it crashes out here:

      app.doScript(myString, ScriptLanguage.javascript);

      telling me that a string is expected (Error 25).

      In the debugger, I can see the string value, and it seems correct.

      Here is the FindChangeList.txt entry (currently, it's the only line in the file for debugging simplification:

      text {find what:"~TRA"} {applied character style:"TRA/TMS/CCC", change to:"<27A4>"} {include footnotes:true, include master pages:true, include hidden layers:true, whole word:false}

      I really hope someone can figure out what the problem is. I am currently having to do hundreds of find/replaces by hand.

      Thanks in advance.