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    CS3 - UI checkbox controls...

    Emanuele Radaelli Level 1
      (CS3 - JavaScirpt)

      Got an UI question.
      I need to build an UI with 3 checkbox and to get their value when user click the OK button.
      I've seen something interesting from a documentation file:

      staticTexts.add({staticLabel:"Paragraph Alignment:"});
      var myRadioButtonGroup = radiobuttonGroups.add();
      var myLeftRadioButton = radiobuttonControls.add({staticLabel:"Left", checkedState:true});
      var myCenterRadioButton = radiobuttonControls.add({staticLabel:"Center"});
      var myRightRadioButton = radiobuttonControls.add({staticLabel:"Right"});

      I need something like this but with checkbox instead of radiobutton.
      The problem is:
      - how to group all my checkboxes within a group.
      - how to get an array of selected checkboxes.

      Ui is really a difficult issue...
      Thanks anticipately!