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    Vb.Net and InDesign CS4 Critical Problem

      I have a script(well many scripts) that the first thing it does is set the user interaction level and then it opens up a template file from my local C drive. When I run the script from my development environment it works fine and I have no issues. When I "install" the script on to my computer(or other computers) and run it as an application I get an error right away that says an unhandled exception has occurred in your application. The error is Method not found: 'InDesign.Document InDesign.Document.Save(System.Object, Boolean, System.Object, Boolean)'. It really makes no sense to me as I am opening a document in the first line and I am not saving it until well after the document is open. I just switched to CS4 from CS2 and this script used to work fine. Like I said it also works fine when I run it directly from my development environment. Any ideas what is going on?