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    CS3 - aid:pstyle with style in style group?


      Is it possible to use the attribute aid:pstyle for paragraph styles in style groups?
      I tried to mimic the notation for paragraphstyles in style groups in tagged text. But is doesn't work.

      This is a heading

      Is it possible to refer to styles in groups in xml.
      If so, please let me know how to do it.

      Thanks, Kees
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          Peter Kahrel Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Create an InDesign document with such a style group, export to tagged text and XML and see what InDesign wrote in those files. If it didn't write anything like you hoped, it won't read it either.

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            This is how a style in a style group shows up in tagged text:<br /><br /><code><pstyle:headings\:heading 1></code><br /><br />The style in a style group is also applied when you import the tagged text.<br />I also tried to make a pstyle-attribute without escaping the colon between group and style:<br /><br /><code><heading aid:pstyle="headings:heading 1">This is a heading</heading></code><br /><br />It doesn't work either.<br /><br />Conclusion: don't put styles into groups if you want to import xml and apply style with the pstyle-attribute.