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    [CS4] The showingWindow option in app.open doesn't hide all dialogs now

      In CS3, the following code would open any InDesign doc with no UI. Missing links and missing fonts dialogs were suppresed:

      var myFile = new File("some location");
      var showWindows = false;
      var myDoc = app.open(myFile,showWindows);

      In CS4, there's a new missing links alert. It's different from the CS3 alert - it just tells you how many links aren't connected to sources, and lets you click OK. It now shows up if you open a doc with missing links, even if you set showWindows to false.

      You can disable it by going under Preferences > File Handling and turning off "Check links before opening document", but it would be nice if you didn't have to manually configure ID before running a script. Seems like app.open should suppress all dialogs if you tell it not to open the UI.