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    Generating An Index

      Can someone tell me the exact syntax (for VBS) to generate an index (the kind in the back of a book). Once it is generated can you tell me how to locate it via scripting. I am new to this and having a lot of trouble. Thanks in advance for the help.
      Jim Wright
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          Ildhund Level 3
          That's a pretty tall order! In my experience, the first step in
          creating an index is to create the list of keywords. This is a job
          which can't be automated unless you can somehow tell a script which
          words to ignore. I've usually exported the whole text and opened it
          in Word, because there are a lot of useful scripts about which will
          then generate a list of unique words in the document. (Perhaps
          someone will be along with a reference to one for Indesign.) This
          you (or the author, if that's not you) will have to go through this
          list word by word, deleting the ones that are not to be indexed. You
          have to be aware of capitalization, too, to avoid registering every
          instance of, say, 'street' while retaining those that refer to a
          place called Street. There are other things to watch for, too, like
          word variants (plurals, possessives and so on).
          Once your word list is complete, you can use a script like Marc
          Autret's indexbrutal (
          http://marcautret.free.fr/geek/indd/indexbrut/ ) to find each
          instance of your keywords and put the references in your index. It
          will then have to be checked again visually, so it's a long and
          tedious process.
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            Level 1
            Thanks for the reply. InDesign will do the indexing automatically. Follow the menus: Window/Type&Tables/Index and in the index panel pulldown click on generate index. What I am trying to do is accomplish this via scripting.