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    [cs3 ScriptUI] Dynamic Icons for List Items?

      I'm using ScriptUI in CS3 (but it's probably the same in CS4) to generate a tree view. Each item in the tree has an associated icon. I'd like to be able to dynamically annotate the icons with things like lock indicators or whatever.

      My reading so far of the JavaScript Tools Guide suggests that it's not possible but since doing so is pretty standard UI stuff I was hoping I'd just missed some trick.

      I tried setting an "onDraw" event handler on the list items but it never got called.

      Also, the documentation is inconsistent about the support for icon formats other than PNG: in some places it says PNG is required, in others it indicates that other formats are supported. My experiments indicate that, for example, GIF icons don't work (get a "Bad image data" exception).

      Is the limitation to PNG really true.