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    Automatic hyperlinks when typing certain keywords?

      I originally posted this yesterday in the InDesign forum but was recommended to post it here as well:

      I have recently started working for a company that publishes a daily PDF newsletter about racehorses, which is emailed to our subscribers.

      Unfortunately we are using WordPerfect to lay out the newsletter, which is quite quirky, archaic, and frustrating to work with. When I asked why we are not using InDesign, my boss said that WordPerfect allows the user to create a list of keywords that create automatic hyperlinks to pre-designated URLs (I believe they are called SpeedLinks in WP). Therefore, every time we mention (for example) "Horse's Name" a hyperlink is created to "www.horsesname.com" (or whatever website we pre-designated for that keyword). She said that as far as she knows, there is no way to do such a thing in InDesign.

      Does anyone know if this is actually possible in InDesign, particularly in CS3 or 4, which I have not had the opportunity to use yet? If not, are there plug-ins available that would accomplish this? I'm desperate to get them to switch from WordPerfect so any guidance is appreciated