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    Fred Goldman Level 3
      Something that hasn't been talked about too much is Cs4's new preflight
      feature. It is an excellent feature and has a lot of potential. However,
      I am hoping for some big improvements in CS5.

      It has great options for text where you can tell it to specify errors if
      you have paragraph or character overrides. But it needs some
      improvement. Why is selecting some of the paragraph text when clicking
      on the paragraph that has the error?

      The problem with this is that when you go to the paragraph styles panel
      to find out what the overrides are you have to first deselect the text
      or else it will simply tell you it has mixed overrides. It should just
      be putting the cursor at the beginning of the paragraph.

      The best thing would be if it would tell you right in the info box what
      the overrides are.

      I also think it would be nice if there would be an option to only look
      for paragraph OR character overrides. Sometimes I only want to know
      where I tightened a paragraph etc. and not where I apllied a "no break"
      or vice versa.