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    Relink Data Merge using Find

      The script I am using imports XML then merges records. I need the two different input files (even though this seems counter intuitive) because of the groups of people they come from.

      I want to write a line to find a merge tag and relink it to the source.


      I can't separate it from the XML because it is part of the layout that will need to flow with changing copy length.

      I searched the forum but didn't find anything, could someone point me in the right direction? I hope I have supplied enough detail.

      Many Thanks! -M
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          So I found a solution. I put the Data Merge line before the import XML line and the XML (though containing info about the merge fields) did not overwrite the input from the Data Merge.

          for(myDocumentCounter = app.documents.length; myDocumentCounter > 0; myDocumentCounter--){


          Out of curiosity, why?

          And would this be the right path toward the original relink question? What would this be missing.
          (find text preferences:{find what:"<<a800number>>"}, relink);