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    #targetengine "session"

      Hi All,

      I have placed a script with menu items in de Startup Scripts folder.
      The uncompiled version works fine, the binary doesn't.

      I get a message that the object does not longer exist with the binary version.

      It must have something to do with #targetengine "session".

      Is there a solution for this?

      Thanks Michel
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          By the way, I use CS3 and javascript on the mac.

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            I think that's a limitation. I seem to remember reading about it here before. Can you work around it by having your binary script write a script to a temporary file, run it with a doScript and then delete the temporary file? That might work.

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              I found what the problem is.
              Binary scripts can't switch to a specific script engine.

              The solution is in the menuitem loader samplescripts
              in de scripts folder of CS3 and CS4.

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                I've just come across the same issue. If anyone can tell me which of the examples in the menus folder to look at that would be great.


                Cheers, John.

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                  John.Kordas Level 1

                  This simple script works as a jsx file but as soon as you export it as a jsxbin it does not work. Any suggestions?


                  #targetengine "session"
                  var myDialog = new Window('palette','Starting Pg No');
                      myDialog.dPgNo = myDialog.add('panel',undefined,'File details');
                      myDialog.dPgNo.alignChildren = 'left';
                      myDialog.dPgNo.myPgNo = myDialog.dPgNo.add('group');
                      myDialog.dPgNo.myPgNo.myGroup = myDialog.dPgNo.myPgNo.add('group');
                      myDialog.dPgNo.btnGroup = myDialog.dPgNo.add('group');
                      with (myDialog.dPgNo){
                          myPgNo.myGroup.orientation = 'column';
                          myPgNo.myGroup.alignChildren = 'right';
                          myPgNo.myGroup.preferredSize = [90,15];
                          myPgNo.myGroup.st  = myPgNo.myGroup.add('statictext',undefined,'Your Doc starting page is:');
                          myPgNo.et = myPgNo.add('edittext', undefined, app.activeDocument.pages[0].name)
                          btnGroup.btn = btnGroup.add('button', undefined, 'Update');
                          btnGroup.alignment = 'right';


                  myDialog.dPgNo.btnGroup.btn.onClick = function() {
                      var myPagestart = myDialog.dPgNo.myPgNo.et.text;
                      if (app.activeDocument.pages[0].name != myPagestart){
                          app.activeDocument.pages[0].appliedSection.continueNumbering = false;
                          app.activeDocument.pages[0].appliedSection.pageNumberStart = parseInt(myPagestart);
                          app.activeDocument.pages[0].appliedSection.sectionPrefix = "";
                          alert("Your document start page has been changed to "+myPagestart+".");