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    Move TextFrame From One Page to Another (Indesign CS3 & VB )

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      Hello Friends!!!

      I have create 5 pages catalog in indesign CS3 & i need to shift one Group From One page to another...can anybody help me to do this issue.

      what i have tried is.......

      Set MyPge = MyDoc.Pages.Item(3)
      MyDsgn.Select MyPge.Groups.ItemByID(100)
      Set MyPge = MyDoc.Pages.Item(4)

      using this code group is pasting on page 3 again again. coz my screen is displaying page 3 it's not scrolling to page 4.......when i scroll to page 4 manually then it works. so the issue is how to scroll or how to activate perticular page on screen......plzz help me to do this......or is there any other way to solve this...